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Fake Star Jones Picture?

Monday, May 1st, 2006


Please please please tell me this photo (clicky the picky for a larger view) of Star Jones is a fake. It must be a fake, right? …right?

The dress is cleverly covering up the surgical scar that runs down the center of her chest… but the, droopiness… and loose crinkly skin seen here. Surely that must be fake?

Some of the comments over at Dlisted are hilarious.

“Every time I see her I expect her tongue to dart out and catch a fly.”

“I’m sure i’ve seen her face in an X-Files episode…”

“Now who told her she could show off them two nasty short stacks, huh? Bitch! Cover. That. Shit. Up!”

“Starzilla looks like an alien with two saggy tits.”

Source: Dlisted

Cindy Margolis To Pose Nude In Playboy

Friday, April 28th, 2006


Cindy Margolis, self proclaimed as the “Most Downloaded Woman” on the intraweb — wasn’t that disproven on the Howard Stern show by Danni Ashe? — is… drumroll please… posing nude for Playboy. The 40 year old mother of three has turned down offers to pose for the magazine in the past, but Margolis said she accepted this time because she felt posing nude at the age of 40 is “empowering”. Whatever.

Admittedly, she looks good for her age and considering she’s knocked out three kids, BUT… she’s plastic, as you can see in the top picture. The nose is what really gets me. It looks like a spaghetti noodle or something.

If you like’em like Barbie dolls then by all meams check out the pictures after the jump.

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Teri Hatcher & Nicollette Sheridan Make Out

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Teri Hatcher & Nicollette SheridanRiiiiight. I’m as convinced by this pairing as I was when I saw Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest making out.

But looking at this from another angle… is Teri confused? She recently admitted to being sexually molested as a child by her uncle. All of her relationships have failed. She’s kissing gay men one day, then kissing women another day. What’s up?

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Pamela Anderson Looks Like… Herself

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Pamela AndersonThe title for this post really had me stumped. Pamela Anderson looks like a washed up hooker? Stripper? Porn star? Eh, she just looks like herself. Pam used to be so beautiful in her younger, Playboy years. Sans the enormous tits, missing eyebrows, huge overstuffed lips, and bleached out hair. She had a unique, naturally attractive look. Men around the world thought she was gorgeous then, and I guess some still do now, but all I see is plastic. Her next two procedures? May I recommend a tummy tuck and breast reduction? Also, Pam, lay off the black eyeliner please. It only makes you look older.

Here Pam is with the Pussycat Dolls… performing a poll dance? I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

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Hugh Hefner Apologizes To Jessica Alba

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006

Jessica AlbaRemember last week when Jessica Alba was all up in Playboy’s grill about them using her picture on the cover of their mag without her permission? Well good ole Hugh felt badly that sweet little Jessica was upset and he issued an apology and then donated some money to a couple of Jessica’s favorite charities. All is forgiven now. Thank goodness. I sure was losing sleep over this one. < yawn>

“I appreciate Mr. Hefner’s acknowledgment of the distress caused by Playboy’s actions, and I’m happy to put this unfortunate event behind me,” Alba said in a statement Tuesday. “This was never about money, it was about setting the record straight about something that was done without my knowledge or consent.”

Thinking positively, only good things can come of this, right?! I’m hoping and praying and hoping some more and asking Santa for Christmas… for a nude Playboy pictorial of Jessica Alba sometime in the near future. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

Pictures of the hotty after the jump. Just imagine her with her clothes off… mmmmm.

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Tom Jones Is A Queen

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

Tom Jones

Tom Jones isn’t really a Queen. He’s a Knight. He was Knighted by a Queen. But you see how it was funny to say that Tom Jones is a Queen, yes?

‘It was lovely to see the queen again. I love seeing the queen and I have always been a royalist. She is lovely and she still is lovely’, he said.

The monarch, who will be 80 next month, remembered their first meeting at a Charity concert in 1966, Sir Tom revealed.

‘She said to me that I had given a lot of people a lot of pleasure’, said Sir Tom, best-known for hits as ‘It’s Not Unusual’, ‘Delilah’, ‘What’s New, Pussycat?’ and ‘Green, Green Grass Of Home.’

It’s too early for me to point out the sexual innuendos, but they’re there.

Source: Monsters and Critics, CBS